Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch up Post!

This will be a quick “catch up” post that goes over special days and holidays!

Nathan’s Blessing day: August 1, 2010

100_6268 100_6270


Turned out it started sprinkling right when we started taking pictures…so we were a little rushed!

First Day of School: August 2, 2010


Kaleb 5th grade (Mrs.  L)

Kate 3rd grade (Ms. N)

Will Kindergarten  (Mrs. K)

100_6309 100_6320  100_6323

I cant believe my little Will was leaving me all day :( (yes, they have all day K here..kinda awesome actually)

But at home I had Nathan now to keep me company! ( about 3 mo old)


Will turns 5!   August 2010

He was very excited to celebrate his b-day in his new class


The morning of his Birthday

A few gifts he gets to open to start his day!

100_6337 100_6334 100_6336

Family Party


Will and his cuz Ryland are only a couple weeks apart, so they always celebrate it together :)

Best Buds

100_6354 100_6349

*~*~*~Family Fun*~*~*~

100_6368 100_6356 100_6363 100_6364 100_6366

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life goes on

I know these posts are old, but its the only way I can organize my mind enough to do this!

So Nate came in May and that was also the end of school for Kaleb and Kate. Kaleb finishing 4th grade and Kate 2nd. And Will finished preschool…oh my I’m old!

100_5849 100_5851 100_5860

Proud mama, proud G-ma Ensign and The Great Mrs E! He had her for 3rd and 4th grade…loved it!

100_5371 100_5376 100_5378

The one and only Barbara B Robey, Proud mama and her sweet teacher Mrs Scott!

 DSC00394 DSC00395 DSC00390

G-ma went in my place (since I was in the hospital still) Thx Mom!

Then the LONG, dreaded summer began…my kids didn’t get to do as much as usual since Nate came into the house, but they still enjoyed not having to go to school everyday!

100_6171 100_6168 100_6170

100_6155 100_6173 100_6175

Kaleb is ALWAYS bored.

Then it seemed so quick, but mom had to go back to Cali :(

But my big sis Leandra came to pick her up! It was so great to see my sis again.100_6204

100_6181 100_6211 100_6216

I got a break from Kaleb and Kate, cuz mom and Lee took them back to visit cousins for 2 weeks! THANK YOU!

Will helped feed Nate and I got to snuggle him all to myself.100_6223 100_6233

There’s a first time for everything…

Nathan was brought home and welcomed by 2 new brothers and 1 sister that adored him. Oh, and a mom and dad and grandma too!

100_6056 100_6059 100_6072 100_6090 100_6076 100_6094

The first few weeks are a roller coaster of happiness to have him out and with us, but also,  a full dose of reality that I now have a baby to nurse, bath, change his diapers, and put to sleep!

First Bath:


First time Grandpa Bob held him…


First time he sucked that thumb!


There will be many more “firsts” to come…but for now, why cant you just stay like this?100_6075