Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch up Post!

This will be a quick “catch up” post that goes over special days and holidays!

Nathan’s Blessing day: August 1, 2010

100_6268 100_6270


Turned out it started sprinkling right when we started taking pictures…so we were a little rushed!

First Day of School: August 2, 2010


Kaleb 5th grade (Mrs.  L)

Kate 3rd grade (Ms. N)

Will Kindergarten  (Mrs. K)

100_6309 100_6320  100_6323

I cant believe my little Will was leaving me all day :( (yes, they have all day K here..kinda awesome actually)

But at home I had Nathan now to keep me company! ( about 3 mo old)


Will turns 5!   August 2010

He was very excited to celebrate his b-day in his new class


The morning of his Birthday

A few gifts he gets to open to start his day!

100_6337 100_6334 100_6336

Family Party


Will and his cuz Ryland are only a couple weeks apart, so they always celebrate it together :)

Best Buds

100_6354 100_6349

*~*~*~Family Fun*~*~*~

100_6368 100_6356 100_6363 100_6364 100_6366


  1. You have such a cute family! And you look so beautiful in the blessing pictures. It's kind of fun to see the pictures chronological all in one post.

  2. Hey you I see you have a blog too! Your kids look so little in this post. They have changed a lot!

  3. It's been another year, will there be another "catch up" post?