Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to School

Kaleb and Kate started back to school last Monday. Kaleb started 3rd grade with Mrs. Ebenholtz, and Kate started 1st grade with Ms. Neal. They both have great teachers and are very excited for the coming year. Kaleb had Ms. Neal for first grade as well and we loved her. 

After a hearty Pancake and Eggs breakfast, they were all set for the big day.


Fishing Trip

This weekend my Dad and I, along with our good friends Norman and and Jeff Perkins headed up to the White Mountains for a fishing trip. We drove up on Thursday night and fished Big Lake on Friday and Saturday. Both days we fished from early morning until the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. Once the rain and lighting got close we knew it was time to get the boat back on the trailer and call it a day.  Friday was a bit slow as we only caught 5 trout, but it was enough for dinner that night. Saturday however, we had great success  bringing home 21 rainbow trout. Here are a few pics of our catch on Saturday.  It was a great trip!!!


Lizard in the bathtub

One morning while I was getting ready for work I looked over and found this little guy in the bathtub. At first I thought it was one of the kids toys...until I saw it move. So I caught it and saved it for the kids to see when they woke up. They wanted to keep it and feed it crickets, but after searching for a few crickets and being unable to find any (and after my rejection) they decided to let it go in the back yard.


Making Cookies...

For family home evening a couple of weeks ago we decided to make a batch of the cookies that Amie makes to sell at Poppy's and take them to our good friends Logan and Natalie that just moved into our ward. Logan and I have been good friends since high school and it's great to have them so close. Here are some pics of the kids helping make the cookies.