Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing at the night!

Let's face it..we live in Arizona, the only time we go to the park in the summer is at night!


Pose for the Camera!

100_2451 100_2452  100_2444100_2468

I was looking through old pictures and found these Easter ones we never posted. Other than Christmas this is the only time we ask them to dress up and pose for the camera, why cant they be more excited?! Kevin and I  did not plan the matching yellow shirts...we just look like 2 big yellow Easter eggs!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to Fresno

For Labor Day weekend we took a trip to Fresno to take Amie's mom back home. On the way we were able to spend half a day at the beach near Santa Monica. It was great, we have not taken the kids to the beach for several years and they absolutely loved it. Kate wasn't too happy about the way the salt water tasted when it splashed in her mouth, but still said it was the "Best day of her life!!". The weather was perfect for the beach. We were glad my sister Theresa was able to meet us there and spend time with us as well. It was a short trip back to Fresno, but the kids had a blast with their cousins again, and we enjoyed seeing and spending time with friends and family that we have not seen since we moved.


Will's B-day...Hooray for #3

Will turned 3 on August 11th. Grandma Ensign was here visiting from California, and Grandpa Bob and Grandma Debbie came over for a little family party to celebrate. When we asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said a pink dinosaur that's exactly what he got...and he absolutely loved it. (GREAT!!!) I guess on the bright side it wasn't a pink Barbie cake that he wanted. Happy Birthday William.

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Swimmin' at Grandma and Grandpa's

The kids love it when we are able to go swimming at my parents house. We don't get over there enough on days when they can actually swim, as it is usually on a Sunday. Here are some pictures from our last swim trip.