Sunday, January 18, 2009

Papago Park

One of our family goals is to go to the park each Saturday. Usually this means just visiting one of the local neighborhood parks, but yesterday we instead decided to go to Papago Park, a large park in Phoenix next to the zoo. We were glad that Grandma was still here to enjoy the day with us.

We first had a picnic lunch and then then enjoyed watching the ducks play around in the ponds.


Amie took some portraits of each of the kids that turned out very nice…




Next we visited Hunt’s tomb. George W. P. Hunt was Arizona’s first governor and served 7 terms. He built the tomb for his wife, and was himself entombed there after his own death. It sits elevated above the valley and offers some great views. Since it sits right next to the zoo you can see some of the animals.


Finally, we ended by hiking up to “The hole in the rock”. The kids had a blast climbing all over the rock formations.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Morning

Here are some pictures Christmas Morning.

Kaleb got the Wii he so desperately wanted, Kate got her Easy Bake Oven, and Will got his Bike.

Then we were off to Mesa to have more fun with family.

This year was wonderful and we are so blessed.

Christmas Eve Traditions

100_4238 100_4234

This year we spent Christmas Eve at home, just our little family!

It was a first for us! So we thought we would make a tradition of having a candlelit dinner and try to teach our kids some manners!

100_4243 100_4244

Then of course…the Nativity Play


Then we went out in the front yard and planted our little candy mints in the ground, so that in the morning, after Santa came with his magic sleigh, the mints would grow into candy canes!

(With all the commotion in the morning, I forgot to take a picture! They really did grow into candy canes though!)

100_4251 100_4252

Finally, before the kids hit the hay…they must snuggle up and listen to the “Night Before Christmas”

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow in Arizona?

100_4217 100_4209 100_4226 100_4208100_4229

This was the day after the Polar Express. We were in Williams, Az. This is just outside our hotel, so we didn’t have to go far for some fun. Snow angels, sledding and icicles! Poor Will, he had a tough time!

The Polar Express


Sooooo cold!!!! As you can tell it was snowing while were boarding the “Polar Express” Don’t worry we were prepared, but it was so much fun!

100_4161 100_4167

We went with Kevin's parents and his sisters Becky and Theresa, her hubby Justin and their little one Ryland. He is Wills age, so they are best buds!

Here they are trying to see the “North Pole”


Even Kaleb tried to catch a glimpse!


Here comes Santa Clause! (Does Kaleb look excited or what?)

100_4184 100_4190

Santa comes up to every child and gives them a bell…do you believe?