Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Littlest Monty

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I have made it my goal to post more on our family blog this year! I am a huge slacker…the last post was last May! (kalebs bday) How pathetic!

I love following everybody else’s blogs, I just don’t ever update my own!

So I thought I would start with our newest addition to our family…Nathan Scott Montgomery Born on May 9th 2010..(mothers day) How awesome was that? I was scheduled for a C-section on Tues May 11th, but this little guy wanted out I guess. So on midnight on Mothers Day, I got admitted and monitored. By 1am..they were calling the doc on call and poor doc had to come in at 3am and delivered my babe!

Here are some long awaited visitors for the little guy


Will-(5 yrs old)He was a little stand offish,  probably knowing he wont be the baby around the Montgomery anymore.


Kate-(8 yrs old) Little Mama…she loves this kid like its her own! She helps out all the time with him (sometimes a little too much!)


Kaleb-(10 yrs old) He absolutley loves his littlest brother. He is the protector and loves to make him laugh, not surprising since he likes to make everyone laugh..all the time.


My mamma~ I’m so lucky to have her around in time of need! She is the proud mom of 9 children and I think 30 something grandchildren and I believe 8 great-grandchildren! I love how she looks at Nathan in this picture. Truly a pro at this baby stuff.

100_6030 The whole gang!

Grandma and Grandpa M, Aunt Becky, Aunt T and cuz Ry, Uncle Dave and Aunt Tammy too!

Welcome to the family Nathan…hold on it’s gonna be a wild ride!


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