Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There’s a first time for everything…

Nathan was brought home and welcomed by 2 new brothers and 1 sister that adored him. Oh, and a mom and dad and grandma too!

100_6056 100_6059 100_6072 100_6090 100_6076 100_6094

The first few weeks are a roller coaster of happiness to have him out and with us, but also,  a full dose of reality that I now have a baby to nurse, bath, change his diapers, and put to sleep!

First Bath:


First time Grandpa Bob held him…


First time he sucked that thumb!


There will be many more “firsts” to come…but for now, why cant you just stay like this?100_6075


  1. I wish they would stay little babies a while longer too. My consolation is that I hope eternity consists of this.